Disclaimer Dossier for Last Fare Deals

www.lastfaredeals.com and LastFareDeals are the brand names under the company registered by the name CHEAPOWINGS and incorporated at 2633 LANTANA RD STE 28 LANTANA, FL 33462 (USA).

Promissory Note: The content of this document contains information and data, which may have inaccuracies or Typos. Although the content is updated regularly, it may still contain flaws and there may be a scope for the change.

Disclamations by Last Fare Deals

The content and its validity with respect to www.lastfaredeals.com LastFareDeals, or CHEAPOWINGS does not hold any warranty, either explicit or implied for the flaws, typos, or anything that otherwise relates or seriously affects the authority of the content.

LastFareDeals.com acts as the connecting link between the users/customers and the suppliers who are the service providers offering flight tickets, hotel leasing, and car rentals. We are not directly or indirectly responsible for the services offered directly by the suppliers.

LastFareDeals.com is the travel consolidator and not the airline or representative of any hotel or car rental service. We openly disclaim that we do not have any association of any kind with the airline, hotel, or car rental service thereof.

LastFareDeals.com protects and safeguards the privacy and identity of travelers/customers. The prices appearing on the website are for Round Trips. We offer discounts up to 40% Off, and all the NEW DISCOUNTS and PROMOTIONS shall be replaced with NEW DISCOUNTS and PROMOTIONS without any prior notification.

Discounts up to 40-60% on Key International Airlines under the “Y” Class. The airfares displayed on the website interface is the “HISTORICAL DATA”. It is therefore advised to the customer to make the final booking of the flight ticket not on the basis of “HISTORICAL DATA”.

The discounted airfares will automatically become applicable to the flight bookings carried over the phone.

General Statements on Disclamation

These general purpose disclaims are applicable and understandable in many ways and should be treated as conjectures. The registered company and the management of LastFareDeals.com shall not be held responsible or liable for:

  • Instigating any harmdue to failure of presentations, or recitals, orblunders, or inadvertence, orerasure, or flaw in the operation process, or the use of information, or data records, or possibilities of errand behaviour, or failure to follow the written contract or, any kind of awry behaviour, which may result into legal obligations;
  • The representations on the website, or making the correction in the flaws or anomalies arising in the website or elsewhere;
  • The appropriateness, dependability, or exactness of the content and the information flowing on the website;
  • Cost of the travel management and travel services;
  • The deeds of the travel suppliers like Commercial Airlines/Carriers/Hotels;
  • Belligerent and illicit behaviour of 3rd Parties, Suppliers or anyone else for that matter.

Note: The responsibility for causing injury or harm due to inabilities or malformations shall liesolely on Suppliers, 3rd Parties, and other Parties in general.

CHEAPOWINGS, LastFareDeals, and www.lastfaredeals.com will not have legal obligations for the damages or the harms arising out of any chance, irrespective of the fact that such events of harms and/or damages may result in the relational, supplementary, or direct, or indirect, or other possible actions that may seemingly be considered significant or castigatory or corrective.

All the content and explanationsapart from the provisions within the section shall be completely acknowledged by the website users and the customers for their own benefits and understanding thereof.

Apart from the Terms of Use as highlighted previously, CHEAPOWINGS, LastFareDeals, www.lastfaredeals.com, and any of its media or content partners and affiliates shall not have any obligatory actions instated anytime for any inaccuracies, faux pas, or deletions, or any shortcomings in the website.

LastFareDeals, and www.lastfaredeals.com will not also be accountable for the delays in the travel service deliveries, obsolete information, typos or for that matter any claims made by the third parties.

Parties who have made the exit from the contract, will also not become accountable for any obligatory liabilities or occurrences of losses, or triggering any faults. There shall also be no punitive measures or consequential compensations levied thereof.

CHEAPOWINGS, Last Fare Deals, www.lastfaredeals.com will not be liable for any punitive action in case the website user, or the customer makes inferences and act on the basis of the information provided herein.



Disclaimer : LastFareDeals.com solely act as an agent, we create a bridge between travelers and suppliers of travel services including flight tickets, hotels, and other travel services. We do not own or manage any kind of Travel Services. ...

We don’t and never claim that we are airlines or are associated with any airlines. Entire branding if any is authentic for expressive purposes only and does not signify any involvement with any airlines or organization.

LastFareDeals.com guards your privacy and security. All prices shown are for round trip tickets. Up to 40% off savings is applicable on LastFareDeals.com Service Fees only. All promotions or discounts may be replaced with new promotions at various times. Up to 40-60% discounts are based on Major Airlines International "Y" class Published Airfares only and Airlines LastFareDeals.com Service Fees Only. Prices are based on advance purchase, certain stay at the traveler's destination may be required. Displayed fares are based on historical data, are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. The Discount offer is applicable to phone bookings.

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