Refunds and Cancelations

A) Statement on Refunds and Cancelations

Note: All funds with regards to flight booking shall be processed within the timeframe of MAXIMUM 21 WORKING DAYS.

Limitations for Cancelations/Refunds of the Flight Tickets

Note: If the airline has not processed the refund of ticket, then we are going to refund the Processing Fee of US$ 50 as charged by

B) Cancelation and Exchange of Flight Ticket

The international and domestic airline tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable in general, but where the flight tickets could be cancelable and transferrable, the airline will offer a credit for all future purchases of tickets with the same airlines. Note: In this case the difference in airfare plus the penalty shall become active.

The customers should discuss the time limitations and the date of expiration of such credit with our customer service representative. The customer can initiate cancelation of tickets by conversing with the customer service representative and before the desired flight time.

We will charge a cancelation fee of US$50 on each ticket, and it is directly payable to our account, while the credit made available by the domestic or international airline for the future should be used within the designated time or you have fair chance of losing the credit amount.

While making a fresh booking of the flight ticket, you have to bear the Airfare Difference, Airline Penalty Fee and the Exchange Fee. The fee charged will be in accordance with the respective airline and there shall be absolutely no representation or endorsement of guarantee or alterations offered by

Note: If you want to Change the Flight Dates or the Routing, read through the Change Policy.

Exchange Fee

In the event where the changes are permissible in the Flight Itineraries, there will be a Change/Exchange Fee becomes applicable and it shall be charged by We shall also charge from the customer the Airfare Difference and the Airline Penalty as and when required. The Cumulative Cost of Flight Ticket Exchanged thereof, can be discussed by calling our Customer Support Representative.

The Ticket Exchange Fee charged by us is additional to Airline Penalty Fees and Airfare Difference.

Grid for the Domestic Travel

Grid for the International Travel

Note: shall not exemplify any additional Exchange Fee then otherwise meted out through the Customer Service Agent for locating the Fresh Flights or making the endeavors for Re-booking the flights, which may otherwise become available on the fulfilment of availability besides the supernumerary factors.

C) Cancelation Policy for Flights has a well-defined Cancelation Policy for Flights. The policy defines and encompass Cancelation and Refunds, in addition to the “Important Changes” that apply in this respect. The phrase “Important Changes” mean:

The changes executed before the departure of the flight on the basis of the information provided by the Customer/Traveler on the time of booking the flight.


  1. Formal acceptance of the changes made in the travel itineraries and/or critically sensitive personal information;
  2. Formal acceptance of the flight cancelation, and in this case Full Refund of Ticket Price (As Paid to Us) shall be given. Here, it is also important to consider that airline/supplier gives us the permission to execute the refunds according to its norms and policies.
  3. We will undertake necessary procedures and coordinate with the respective airlines for processing the compensation and refunds within your convenient timeframes.
  4. The Customer/Traveler can purchase an alternative trip AT PAR OF VALUE EQUAL TO the original booking.
  5. In case the Customer/Traveler does not concede to the travel options offered by us, then he/she may also select any other option that synchronizes with his/her prevailing situation.
  6. In case an alternative trip is offered, it is considered as the fresh purchase.

Note: The phrase “Important Changes” shall not include the changes made in the flight itineraries of the minors and infants.

Inadvertent Changes/Cancelations Executed by Airlines

There may be several instances when the airline may cancel/change the flight ticket. Such instances are purely circumstantial in nature and may emanate due to any of the following conditions:

These and many more instances also promulgate either the changes or may even result in the cancelation of confirmed bookings. shall have the right over and above its legal intentions to cancel the tickets in the situations arising out of the emergencies that may emanate for the reasons as highlighted above.


Disclaimer : solely act as an agent, we create a bridge between travelers and suppliers of travel services including flight tickets, hotels, and other travel services. We do not own or manage any kind of Travel Services. ...

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