Terms & Conditions

The agreement of these Terms and Conditions will ensure the protocols of using the website LastFareDeals.com and LastFareDeals. We offer the reassurance to the customers/travelers that the money remitted into the business account of LastFareDeals shall not be utilized unless the itinerary is not started and the said customer/traveler has not boarded the flight.

Basic Essential Protocols

The pronouns such as “We”, “Us define LastFareDeals and the LastFareDeals.com, while the use of pronouns like “You” “Customer” and “Traveler” categorically defines the customer and the traveler in specific. It is recommended that the customers/travelers who want to book the flight ticket(s) from LastFareDeals.com shall read the Terms and Conditions of the dossier and make the decision to make the final booking.

The Scope of this Agreement encompasses “Website” as the cumulative of “E-mail Bulletins”, “PDF Documents”, “PPT Presentations” and other form of content that will be dispensed or initiated from interface of LastFareDeals.com.

The flight bookings shall be construed only on the basis of the arrangement of the trips scheduled to and from the US and Canada. The references with respect to the prevailing bookings such as “Trip”, “Contract”, “Travel Arrangements” will hold reference to the travel or trip arrangements, whereas the term “Departure” shall mean the date of start of the trip on the scheduled date.

Overview of Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions have been specifically written for ease and comfort of the Users/Travelers/Customers of the LastFareDeals and LastFareredDeals.com. Should the User/Traveler/Customer visit the website, it is seen and treatable as the consent of the respective User/Traveler/Customer. In the situation where the User/Traveler/Customer is not visiting on the website, or these are not the regular visitor, the consent of the User/Traveler/Customer is not treated as valid by any intent or purpose.

Limited Protocol Use of LastFareDeals.com

LeastFareDeals.com offers the best deals to users/customers/travelers and therefore all unscrupulous activities of any format and means shall not be desired. All unscrupulous activities that would otherwise mean or aim at:

Pricing and Structuring

The airfares/ticket prices as depicted on LastFareDeals.com may change anytime without any prior notification. The airfares can only be guaranteed in the situation where these have been scheduled and tickets are made against the name of our customers/travelers. It is also notified that the travel suppliers may very likely change the airfares, and such changes will become applicable instantly. No notifications shall be issued against the changes in airfares.

Three Validated Options

Flight Bookings (Including the Non-Refundable Tickets) in the USA

Flight Bookings of the (Refundable and Non-Refundable) tickets may be canceled within the prevailing Terms of Use as described for the means and the purpose.


There will be a differential value in the prices charged for travel arrangements by the 3rd Party suppliers like Cruise Liners, Hotels, and the Airliners within the flight reservation. The Passenger/Customer/Traveler should read through the individual policies written by these 3rd Party suppliers, and in this case LastFareDeals.com or LastFareDeals shall not be responsible.

Changes in the Name and Personal Details

It is significant to note that the Passenger/Traveler/Customer cannot or have the right to make the changes in their Names or other Personal Details. If the Passenger/Traveler/Customer plans to make the scheduled changes in the flight reservations, then He/She has to execute a Fresh Ticket Booking under the changed name (with New Spellings) and new personal information.In this case, the Passenger/Traveler/Customer has to cancel the previous reservation.


Inadequate and/or wrongful use of the flight ticket may result in the flight ticket being as Null and Void, leading to the cancelation of the itinerary.

All Prices are Seen Only in the $US and not in any other currency.

Expenses/Compensationsand Information Regarding the Flight Confirmation


Booking Notification and Currency Exchange Rate

Note: It is important and relevant too that you make the Confirmation of your Flight Ticket with the respective Airline at least 24 Hours before the Departure of the Domestic Flights and at least 72 Hours before the International Flights Departure.

Cancelations and Amendments Implemented by Travel Supplier

It is entirely with the airlines or the supplier to make the changes with respect to the flight timings and/or annul the flights altogether. Such alterations/cancelations in the flights may be the result of operational barriers, or other reasons. Although, LastFareDeals or LastFareDeals.com is not accountable for any of these alterations/cancelations by the respective supplier, we will make sincere efforts on our behalf to assist the customer/traveler in all such scenarios.

When the changes in your flight itinerary are expedited before starting your journey, it is not mandated to have the flight tickets issued afresh, or undergo a revalidation. However, in this situation, LastFareDeals.com and the LastFareDeals shall not take any accountability of rescheduling of the flights across the flying route.

Rationality and Legitimacy of Terms and Conditions

Note: In the occurrence of the scenario where a legal debacle arises with respect to the means of interpretation or application of statutory points mentioned in “Terms and Conditions” by the Customer/Traveler, the management at LastFareDeals.com shall make the final selection of the jurisdiction for making the representation in the court of law.

Using the LastFareDeals.com and Purchase of Flight Tickets

It is mandated that the Terms and Conditions as provided within the dossiershall be followed by Customers/Travelers in all circumstances and honestly. The Customers/Travelers having the age of 18 and over shall be legally bounded to look through the website and consume the travel services as and when required. If the Customers/Travelers are using the website for any other person, then all such Customers/Travelers are entitled and also automatically accountable for making the another person understand in detail about the Terms and Conditions and its outcomes to that person, and such understanding should be clear and focused for the use in the rightful manner and within the provisions of Terms and Conditions as delineated thereof.

The Customers/Travelers have obligatory rights provided by the LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com to upload the content/literature/material, under the situations where the Customers/Travelers diligently assent to the legal obligations, ideologies, moralities as well as the functionality of the website.

Policy Engendered for Flight Bookings

The flight prices on LastFareDeals.com includes all the taxes induced by the government. If there is any minor or substantial surge in airfares, or misappropriations as the result of blunder in the server, or there is technical glitch in the payment gateway, LastFareDeals.com is liable for the activation of the flight cancelations and also forfeit the amount as remitted against the Cancelation Charge.

The change as seen in the increase in the airfare is required to be remitted to the billing account of LastFareDeals.com, only after the communication is consummated and it is informed to the LastFareDeals.com in the writing.


Confirmation of Flight Booking

When the Customers/Travelers complete the process of flight booking, confirmation is sent on the registered Email along with the Flight Booking Number. The Email Confirmation, once received by the Customers/Travelers after the initiation of the contract, would lead to the ACTIVATION OF TRAVEL SERVICES between the Customers/Travelers and Suppliers.

The Booking Confirmation sent through Email offers the details of flight reservation. The Customers/Travelers should make surethat travel bookings are properly synchronized in accordance with the relevancy. Mind itthere may be the booking systems of the Suppliers that may cause technical issues amidst the Payment Bookings. Therefore, make sure that the Customers/Travelers check the booking system. Besides, there are also “Special Requests” triggered by the Customers/Travelers for the Meals, Child Seat and the Mobility (For the Disabled). The Travel Supplier is going to work and pitch out exclusive deals around “Special Requests” of the respective Customers/Travelers.

Administrative Fees/Convenience Charges and Exceptions to Flight/Travel Bookings

Irrespective of the charges and expenses of Travel Supplier, LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com will charge for Administrative Fees/Convenience Charges. In this, LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com is going to charge the Administrative Fees/Convenience Charges on the individual basis and such Fee/Charge is Non-Transferrable. We are going to charge from Customers/Travelers relative to the Terms as listed herein:


Booking Service Fee for the Contact Center

LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com will charge the Service Fee for bookings executed through Contact Center (inclusive of multifaceted Multi-stop and round-the-world journeys.). The Service Fee charged thereof shall be much higher as compared to the flight bookings done online. Service fee will be variable between US $10 and US $200 for each passenger.

Note: The bookings from Contact Center shall also be inclusive of the benefits of the Premium Packages.

Flight Bookings: Changes (Amendments) and Charges

Any flight booking made on LastFareDeals.com and LastFareDeals shall have supernumerary charges and fee, which will be levied in accord of the legal obligations of the airline. All such charges shall be based on the type of flight and the cabin class. The fee charged against the amendments shall differ within the airlines, class of the booking service and the flight charges.

The changes in the flight ticket should be engendered within 72 hours before the Customer/Traveler/Passenger makes the departure. Additionally, since the duration of the flight varies, the Customer/Traveler/Passenger should refer to the Customer Support for the latest information.


Besides the refund penalties charged by the respective suppliers, LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com shall make a charge equitable to Post Ticketing Service Fee as considered appropriate. The refund fee shall be levied by LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com on each flight ticket and the passenger. The fee shall only be evaluated if the supplier has authorized the refunds, or when the WAIVER is received within the obligatory protocols of the respective Airline/Supplier.

In the situation when the refunds for the flight tickets have not been processed by Airline/Supplier, then we shall enable the refunds of our post-ticketing service fees to your agent assisted refund request.

However, we will not refund our Booking Fee for the travel booking engendered initially.

The Policy Scheduling for Payments

Note:The details of Credit Card as provided by Customer/Traveler/Passenger do not get approved by the by our Card Verification Department, we are not going to process the flight booking.

Verification of International Travel Documents (Including Visa)

The Customers/Travelers are recommended and suggested that they should authenticate as well as attest the travel documents like the Transit Visa/Entry Visa for the respective country through which they ae transiting or making an entry. We recommend to the Customers/Travelers to vouch for the travel information about the country by visiting the respective government website. It is also suggested that the Customers/Travelers establish the link to Consulate/Embassy of the country to which they are entering or using it as a transit or bypass for their trip. LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com has no obligation or responsibility or legal formulation for if the Customers/Travelers are denied the entry or transit into the country at any specific in time.

Make it deliberate point that any transaction for traveling to and from the country executed on the interface of LastFareDeals.com will not guarantee any entry to the Nation/Country to which you are destined. Customers/Travelers should comprehend that LastFareDeals and LastFareDeals.com will not take any accountability for making the entry or transit through the country of transit.Make a note that any information that is delegated by the employees of LastFareDeals or LastFareDeals.com should be verified from the appropriate authorities or individuals within the government office.All the information or data as well as its genuineness cannot be challenged or its authenticity cannot be the responsibility of LastFareDeals or LastFareDeals.com

Electronic Travel Authorization for Canada

The Customers/Travelers who have intention of flying to Canada or may even transiting through the Canada, shall require Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Basically, the ETA is a smart and dedicatedly automated system offering the Canadian Visa and Travel authorities to screen the Travelers and identity before arriving into the Canada. Such type of screening of the Travelers/Passengers etc. is purposed around checking the worthiness and aptness of the Travelers/Passengers who wish to gain entry into Canadaand whether these Travelers/Passengers pose any perceptible security risks or not.

Issues from Declination of Credit Card

It is remindful that the all flight tickets and airfares are transacted through the valid credit cards only. There may be reasons (known and unknown) that may otherwise lead to declination of credit cards. Should such an incidence occur, we undertake the deliberate opportunity to inform the Customers/Travelers/Passengers of the declination through an Email within the time span of 72 Hours approximately.

Note: In the event where the credit card of Customer/Traveler/Passenger is declined, the payment processing will not be done. We are not assuring any alterations in the airfares, or any other details related to airfare reservations. In the situation where the fare changes are seen on the behalf of TSP, we would give our Customer/Traveler/Passenger wide range of options for either Acceptance and Cancelation of flight booking.

Disclaimer : LastFareDeals.com solely act as an agent, we create a bridge between travelers and suppliers of travel services including flight tickets, hotels, and other travel services. We do not own or manage any kind of Travel Services. ...

We don’t and never claim that we are airlines or are associated with any airlines. Entire branding if any is authentic for expressive purposes only and does not signify any involvement with any airlines or organization.

LastFareDeals.com guards your privacy and security. All prices shown are for round trip tickets. Up to 40% off savings is applicable on LastFareDeals.com Service Fees only. All promotions or discounts may be replaced with new promotions at various times. Up to 40-60% discounts are based on Major Airlines International "Y" class Published Airfares only and Airlines LastFareDeals.com Service Fees Only. Prices are based on advance purchase, certain stay at the traveler's destination may be required. Displayed fares are based on historical data, are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. The Discount offer is applicable to phone bookings.

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